FC 600 - Fast Clean - Aplicador de Herbicida

With the constant demands of modern agriculture and the trends of new types of cultivation, Fast Clean was developed, for the localized application of herbicide, in cane fields with areas infested by certain types of weeds that are difficult to control, which consume plant nutrients compromising its development and production. A panel located inside the tractor cabin, with electric control, to turn the entire system on and off, with a sound and light safety device to warn the operator of any real-time irregularities that may occur during work, thus ensuring greater application efficiency. and practicality for the farmer.


Nr of rows Rows Total width Coupling Approx. weight Tractor power
    mm   Kg Cv
3 3  2725  Cat. II 500 110


Row spacing Main tank capacity Clean water tank capacity
mm L L
800 / 900 600 30


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