SKADI - Precision Row Crop Planter

Developed for planting work with winter crops such as: wheat, oats, barley and others.

All the fertilizer regulation is done through the SPEED BOX system with 62 combinations, the lines are pantographic for distribution of fertilizer and seed with self-lubricating bushings, which provides an excellent performance in the most varied types of soil and reduced maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Model Nr Of Rows  Seed Hooper Fertilizer Hopper Approx. Weight Useful Width Width Without Side Transport Width With Side Transport Total Height Tractor Power
     L L  Kg  mm mm mm  mm  Hp*
5000 25 1470 1470 5603 4250 6540 3000  2560  125 - 150
6000 29 1680 1680 5942 4930 7050 3000 2560 145 - 180


Row Spacing Traction Tires  Side Transport Tires
170 400 x 60 x 15.5 - 14 Lonas 900 x 16 - 10 Lonas

(*) Approximate Power (hp) depends on normal situations for planting may be variations according to the soil type, topography, etc.


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